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Updating BYU-Idaho Password on Several Platforms

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Because your BYU-Idaho account allows you access to several different programs and softwares, it may take some time for your password to update throughout the entire system. This article includes solutions to problems you may face in the event that your password does not successfully sync and update at first. 

To learn more about passwords, visit the article Username & Password FAQs.

Microsoft desktop apps

If your Microsoft Office desktop apps are not syncing with your new password automatically, you may see a yellow bar near the top of the screen asking you to sign in, a yellow warning sign in the upper right-hand corner, or your document might say “Upload Blocked” after the title of the document on the top of the window.

1. Click File, then Account.

2. Click Sign Out found under your name.

3. Close all Microsoft Office desktop app and then reopen one, such as Word or Excel.

4. Click File, then Account. Then Sign In.

Once you have done this in one Microsoft Office desktop app, the change should be seen across all Microsoft Office desktop apps. You may need to do this for other Microsoft Office desktop apps that are a different version. For example, if you make the change in Office 2016, but have OneNote 2013 on your computer, the change may not be seen by Office 2013 and you will need to repeat the process for Office 2013.


After changing your BYU-Idaho password, you may have some difficulty connecting to the wireless network. Since your access to the university Wi-Fi is your BYU-Idaho credentials, your login information is technically no longer correct. You can easily fix this by updating your password in your device settings.  

Difference between BYU-Idaho Visitor Wi-Fi and BYU-Idaho Wi-Fi

The BYU-Idaho Visitor Wi-Fi is intended primarily for ecclesiastical leaders serving on campus. This network allows bishops and stake presidents to process missionary applications and endorsements without the need to log into the campus network. In addition, this network may benefit other campus visitors like non-student dependents, parents of students, and various conference attendees.  

The BYU-Idaho Visitor Wi-Fi network is filtered like other campus networks, and the types of websites accessible from this network are more limited than the current BYU-Idaho Wi-Fi. For example, popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu are blocked. More importantly, Canvas cannot be accessed on BYUI_Visitor Wi-Fi. Users attempting to access a blocked site may see either an “Application Blocked” page or the page simply will not load. Because of the restrictions that have been imposed on the BYU-Idaho Visitor Wi-Fi, students and employees will find the current BYU-Idaho Wi-Fi to be better suited to their needs. They should not view the Visitor Wi-Fi as a non-authenticated replacement or an alternative.  

Updating Wi-Fi password on an iPhone

1. Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi.

2. Select the BYUI network.

3. Tap Forget This Network. You will then be asked to verify that you would like to forget the network. Tap Forget This Network again to forget the network and erase your old password from automatically trying to connect your iPhone to the wireless network.

4. Repeat steps 1–2.

If the BYU-Idaho network does not appear in the Choose a Network list, turn off your Wi-Fi and then turn it back on. The BYU-Idaho network should then appear in the list.

5. You will be asked to provide a username and password. Type in your BYU-Idaho username along with your new password. Tap Join.

6. Tap Trust to finalize joining the network.

Updating Wi-Fi password on an Android

While not all Android devices will be the same, these general directions should work on any Android device.

1. Scroll down from the top screen and Tap Settings.

2. Tap Network & internet.

3. Tap Wi-Fi.

4. From the list of available networks that appear, choose the BYUI server.

5. Under CA Certification select Do not validate.

BYUI is a secure network run by the university, so, ignore the message "No certificate specified. Your connection will not be private".

6. Put your username and password in for the BYU-Idaho wireless network. 

For Anonymous Identity, type anything you want to.

If you are still unable to connect, try forgetting the BYUI Wi-Fi network and reconnecting. Follow the article Forgetting Wi-Fi for instructions.

BYUI campus devices

There are several campus devices that require BYU-Idaho credentials in order to complete requests (e.g. printers, campus computers). Because these devices are directly linked to the University's system, their credential requirement should update automatically. Simply sign in with your updated password. 

In the event that your new password hasn't yet updated in the system, use the following process:

1. Make sure the device is connected to the BYUI Wi-Fi network. 

If the device is disconnected from the internet, reconnect it and try your updated password again.

2. Log in using your previous password.

3. Restart the device.

4. Log in using your updated password.

Password repositories

Just as with internet browsers and password keychains, each password repository that includes your BYU-Idaho password will need to be manually updated. You can find instructions on how to update your password within your respective password repository's website. 

Internet browsers

If you have saved your BYU-Idaho password to your internet browser, you will need to update it by visiting your browser's settings. Some browsers, like Chrome and Safari, will ask if you would like to update your settings after you log in with your updated password. Confirm that you would when this option appears. 

MAC iOS Keychain

If you have previously synced your BYU-Idaho password to your Mac iOS keychain, you may receive continual popups that an application or file requires an updated keychain password. The following steps will help you update your keychain password:

1. Open the Launchpad.

2. Search for and open Keychain Access.

3. Open Preferences

4. Click Reset My Default Keychains.

5. Enter your updated password, and click OK

6. Click OK.

Other software requiring BYU-Idaho credentials

Some software, both internal and external, will not automatically sync your updated password. This includes any third-party account for which BYU-Idaho email and password are used to authenticate. For these instances, simply update your password through that specific account's settings.  

For additional help, contact the I.T. Service Desk at (208) 496-1411 or through the Live Chat bubble.


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