Creating an Article

This article will show you how to create a new article in Screensteps.

Logging In

In order to create a new article, you will need to navigate to the backend of ScreenSteps.

1. Navigate to

2. Select Login.


Select the Admin option in the top right.

You may see more or less options in the Sites list. You will see whatever sites your user account has been given priveledges over.

Admin Interface

Using drop-down menu labeled as Dashboard, navigate to the correct site in which you wish to add an article. At any time, you can use this menu to navigate to different sites.

Select Manual

In the column to the left, select the Manual you wish to add an article into.

Create a New Article

Click on Create a New Article in the top right.


1. Select the Chapter using the drop-down menu.

2. Give your article a title. Make sure to capitalize the first letter of every word: this is a title!

3. Click on the Create Article button.

Your article will appear at the bottom of the chapter.

Remember, the hierarchy in ScreenSteps goes: Site > Group > Manual > Chapter > Article.

Select Article

Click on the title of the article you just created.

Article Settings

In the new window, Click on the Edit Contents option.

You can also change other settings here, such as the owner of the article, the status of the article (ex: Needs Content, Needs Review).

Opening the Article

Select where you want to open the document to edit. We usually use the desktop editor, as it is more powerful.

This will open up the desktop editor. Check out this article to view the best practices for creating screensteps articles.