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How to Convert an LP to Digital

Materials you will need:

For this conversion we will be using the following: the Audio Conversion Box inside of the Media Station Box, Adobe Audition, the turntable, the speaker to preview the sound, the white audio cable, and the stereo preamplifier box.

Converting to Digital:

1. Bring the turntable next to the white audio cable and plug the turntable into the wall.

2. Plug the white audio cable into the stereo preamplifier box.

3.  Check to make sure the stereo preamlifier box is swithced on with the audio switched to "Tape".

4. On the audio conversion box, click source until you see the display say "Line In".

5. Place the LP record disc onto the Record Platter.

6. Turn the Turntable on by turning the power knob.

7. Place the turntable head onto the LP.

8. Press the "start/stop" button to start playing the LP.

9. You can adjust the speaker volume to preview the track being played.

10. You are now ready to start recording the audio into Adobe Audition.

11. Make sure to put everything back where you found it, and don't forget to place the cover back over the head of the needle.