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What Accounts/Services Do New Employees Need Access To?

This article will outline all the accounts and services that a new employee in the FTC needs. A member of the leadership council often needs to do the actual account creation. 


The new hire should be given an I-Learn admin account automatically when Brother Wilcock adds them to the FTC in the Role Manager. As this can sometimes take a few days, it is best to just give the new hire an I-Learn sandbox course on their student account so that they can begin learning the system.

I-Learn Sandbox Course

Every new hire needs a sandbox course to play around in. 


The new hire will need a GSuite account (a Google account tied to their school email address). Email Brother Corey Moore with the new hire's name and school email address. Once this account is created, the new hire should put their work schedule into the Google Calendar associated with the account. 


Make sure that the FTC Events and FTC Resources Reservations calendars are shared with the new hire. 


Someone with admin access in TeamDynamix will need to set up the new hire in TeamDynamix. 

  1. Go to your admin portal in TD
  2. From the menu on the left select "Users & Roles"
  3. Select "Users"
  4. Search for the new hire. If they don't show up you may have to click the filter button (looks like a funnel in the top right) and check the box next to customers. Then, search again. 
  5. There are two classifications of people in TeamDynamix: Users and Customers. If the new hire you are setting up is a customer, you will have select "Convert to User". If the new hire is already a user, ignore this step.
  6. From this point, there are several things you will have to change on the user's profile.
    • General: check the box that says "This user in an employee"; change "Reports To" to "Arlen Wilcock"; change "Resource Pool" to "Faculty Technology Center". 
    • Applications: Check the box next to these applications: IT Tickets (Security Role should be "IT Student"), Knowledge Base, My Work, People, Services, TDNext, and Ticket Requests. 
    • Functional Roles: add the role of "Student FTC" and make the role primary.
    • Accts/Depts: make the account is "Student" and nothing else. 
    • Groups: add the group "FTC - Faculty Technology Center" and make sure that "Notified" is set to False".
    • Desktops: add the desktop "FTC Employee" and make sure it is the only desktop listed. 

Make sure that you click "Save" on every page of the user's profile. If you make changes on a certain page and navigate to a different page without saving, your changes will probably be lost. 


Make sure that the new hire has been sent an invitation to the FTC Trello Team and has been added to the "Projects" and the "Rental System" board. 


First, have the new hire go to byui.qualtrics.com and create an account. Then, have one of the Qualtrics admins in the office (there are usually 5 Qualtrics admins at the FTC) go and change the new hire's User Type from "Student" to "FTC Employee"

Maple TA

This one gets a little hairy, but hang in there with me. First, find or create a link from I-Learn to Maple TA. Make sure the new hire is logged into their FTC I-Learn account, then have them click on the link. Then, restart the browser. Have the new hire go to the backdoor Maple TA login here: https://byui.mapleta.com/byui/login/login.do. Currently, the new hire will have a randomly generated password that they can access by clicking on the "Forgot your password?" link. This will send him/her an email containing the randomly generated password with then can use to log in. Once he/she is able to log in, he/she should click on their name in the top right to access their profile. From here, the password should be changed and the school email listed should be changed to a Gmail address. 


In order to give a new hire contribution rights in Equella, ask Brother Wilcock to fill out the form that appears on the top of the contributions page in Equella (this page: https://content.byui.edu/access/contribute.do). 


In order to give a new hire contributions rights in Kaltura, ask Brother Wilcock to send an email to Chris Smelcer (smelcerch@byui.edu) with mediatransfer@byui.edu. The email should explain why we want to give the new hire rights in Kaltura, as well the name and school email of the new hire. 


Ask the student lead to give the new hire an account in LiveEngage.