Set Up

To set up Zoom, first click on Zoom at the bottom left of the page in Canvas.

You may have a couple of pop up screens. Make sure that you authorize zoom.

This is the view that you should have.

Schedule a New Meeting

Click on the button "Schedule a New Meeting" within Zoom.

Here you can add the information for the meeting including the Topic, Description, and the time for the meeting. The other settings on the page you can customize any way you would like. Click "Save" when done.

Add a link to the module where the Zoom meeting will be held for the students to access. To do this, go to the modules and click the + button next to the module where you want to add the Zoom link.

Select "External Tool" then click on "Zoom". Add the name of the meeting then click "Add Item".

Start the Meeting

Start the meeting by click the "Start" button on the right within Zoom.

If you have not already downloaded Zoom you will be asked to do so at this point. Follow the instructions on the screen to download Zoom.