Set Up for Basic Integration

To setup WileyPLUS in your course, go to the module where you are wanting to add it to and click the "+".

Ensure that you have "External Tool" selected then scroll down to WileyPLUS and click on it.

On the screen that pops up, enter in the product ID. On the next page, you can choose the type of integration you would like to include. NOTE: The one you choose will be attached to your course and the only way to switch integrations will be to reset your entire course. Select the correct one for your course. First, we'll do basic integration and later we'll show Deep Integration if that is the option that you chose.

Choose which WileyPLUS content you want to add. The options are Homepage or you can have it link to WileyPLUS support. You can also click to preview page by hovering over Homepage with your mouse and then click preview. This will open up the preview in a new window.

You can then give it a name. When you are finished, click "Add Item".

Creating an Assignment

On the WileyPLUS homepage, click on the "Assignment" tab at the top of the page.

Click on "Create New Assignment".

Select the type of assignment you wish to create. First we will select "Assignments" to demonstrate how to create common assignments.

Choose what the assignment will include by selecting the different options and filtering the different choices. Example is shown below.

When you have finished filtering, click on the "Find" button.

A list of questions based off of the filters and options you selected will appear. You can now choose questions that you would like to add to your assignment. First, preview the question and if you wish to include it, click on the "+ Add to Assignment" button at the top of the preview screen.

To change the question type, click on the "Any Question Type" button and select the type of question you wish to filter. After selecting your desired question type, click "Apply Filter".

To add your own questions, click on "Questions" at the top of the page.

To the right of the page, click on "Create Question".

Fill out the required information for the question. When done, click "Next".

Now create the question and determine what the answer is. When you are done, click on "SAVE AND EXIT"

To add your created question to your assignment, return to your assignments and click on "Add Questions".

Click on "Any Source" and select "Me". This will filter the questions so only the ones that you have created will show. Click "Apply Filter".

Click "+Add" next to your question you wish to add to the assignment.

You may continue to add any other questions. When you are done adding questions, click on the button that says "Organize Assignment >".

Now you can give the assignment a name, a description, delete question, and order the questions to your preference.

Click "Set Policies".

Determine how many attempts the students will have and add any other policies you see fit. Click "Finalize Assignment" when done.

Add the assignment to the desired class section then click the "Assign" button.

You have now successfully created an assignment and added it to a class.

Exporting Grades to Canvas

To export grades and add them to Canvas, first click on "Gradebook" within WileyPLUS.

Using the criteria available, locate the assignment you wish to export. Click on the "Export" button.

The exported CSV file will look similar to this.

Organize the data to what is shown below. Make sure you click "Save As" and save the file as "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)".

To import into Canvas, first click on "Grades" then click "Import". On the next page click "Choose File" and locate the CSV file you wish to upload then click "Upload Data".

Since the assignment is not already in Canvas, a screen will pop up and ask a few questions about the CSV file. Answer the questions then click "Continue->".

Click "Save Changes".

Set Up for Deep Integration

To set up deep integration, first click on "Assignments" in Canvas.

Click on the "+" next to the group of assignments you wish to add to.

Give the assignment a name, a due date, and a point value, then click on "More Options".

Scroll down to submission type and choose "External Tool" then click "Find".

Click on "WileyPLUS". A screen will pop up asking for your product ID. Enter in the required information.

Click on "Deep Integration" and add it.


Under "Tools" you have 3 options. First you have "WileyPLUS Read, Study, & Practice". If you link to this, it will simply take you to all of the sources that are available within the WileyPLUS course.

"WileyPLUS Gradebook" will link to the gradebook page within WileyPLUS so you can view grades and export them if you wish. The "WileyPLUS Support" will go to the help page.


Under "Assignments" you can link to an assignment by first clicking "Assign a WileyPLUS assignment"

A page will open with a list of available assignments. Click "Assign" next to the assignment you wish to link to.

Check the sections that you wish to assign the assignment to. Click assign when done.

Click "Refresh the page".

Click on the assignment.

You can now rename the assignment to something else if you would like. When you are done click "Add Item". The student is now able to access the assignment from Canvas by clicking on the link to the assignment that you just created. When the student has finished taking the quiz, the grade will be automatically updated in Canvas. No exporting is needed.


Under "Readings" you can select a chapter from the reading that you would like to link to.

Instructor Tools

Under "Instructor Tools" there are 2 options. "WileyPLUS Assignments" will take you to all of the assignments withing the WileyPLUS course.

"WileyPLUS Prepare & Present" will link to all of the course resources and presentations that are available within the course.