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Proctorio with Maple TA (Designers)

Create Maple TA Assignment

In order to create a Maple TA assignment, please click on the provided link and follow the instructions to create the assignment.

Creating a Maple TA Assignment Instructions

Create Assignment in Canvas

An assignment needs to be created so we can link the assignment to the Maple TA assignment.

NOTE: Designers will ONLY be creating the assignment. Instructors will do the linking between the Canvas assignments and the Maple TA assignment. If you wish to view instructions for linking you can view them here: Instructions for Linking a Canvas Assignment to a Maple TA Assignment.

Click on the Assignments tab in your Canvas course.

Click on the "+" icon next to the assignment group where you would like to add the assignment.

Click on the "More Options" button.

Give the assignment a name.

Give the assignment a point value of 0. All points will come from the Maple TA Quiz so there is no need for the Canvas assignment to have a point value.

When done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save & Publish".

Next click on the assignment you just created. Then, on the next page you will need link the assignment to the quiz that is in Maple TA. Select the correct quiz from the list of available assignments then click "Link to Assignment".

Now go to your Quizzes tab to create a Canvas quiz.

Click on the "+Quiz" button.

Give the quiz a name.

Click the option to enable the Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor.

NOTE: You must have installed the Proctorio Extension in Google Chrome. If you have not yet installed the extenstion, please click on the provided link and follow the instructions to install the extension.

Get the Proctorio Extension for Google Chrome

Since this is a proctored assignment, you are required to specify a time limit for how long the student will have to complete it.

Next click on the questions tab and click "+ New Question". This is where we will add the question where the answer will only be available in the Maple TA quiz.

Before we add the question, we need to add a link to the Canvas assignment created earlier. To do this, simply navigate to the right side of the page and in the "Links" tab under "Assignments" drag the assignment created earlier from the list and drop in in the large text box in the Canvas quiz.

This will add the link to the assignment in the quiz. Now, when a student click on that link in the quiz, it will take them to the assignment which will automatically open up the Maple TA quiz.

Under the link, add the question for the student to answer after taking the Maple TA quiz. Add the answer to the question then click the "Update Question" button.

Click on the "Save & Publish" button.

You have now successfully created a proctored quiz for Maple TA through a Canvas quiz. The assignment is now ready for the students to access.

How does the student take the quiz?

For the student to take the proctored assignment successfully, they simply need to click on the Canvas quiz that was created. Within the quiz, they will click on the link to the Canvas assignment that is linked to the Maple TA quiz. When they click on the link it will take them directly to the Maple TA quiz. They will complete the Maple TA quiz then take the answer from the Maple TA quiz and use that information to answer the question that is in the Canvas quiz. When they have answered the question in the Canvas quiz, they can submit both quizzes and close out of the pages.