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As of June 2020, requests for plain paper must be made in Workday using the Search Catalog function.

To learn how to use the Search Catalog function in Workday, view the article Submitting a Requisition: Requesting Catalog Items.

I.T. now provides and pays for plain paper for almost all printers and multifunction printers on campus.

Please note, this process only applies to plain white paper in Letter, Tabloid, and Legal sizes. Other specialty papers will not be paid by I.T.

The following is the Catalog Item information for each type of plain paper that will now be provided and paid for by I.T. This information can be used to search in Workday for the correct item:

Stores Item Description Notes
I:O 67 Copy Paper White 8 /12 X 11 Case of Plain Letter size
I:O 50 Paper White Dual Purpose 512215 11 X 17 Case of Plain Tabloid size
1:O 60 Legal Paper Ream 8 1/2 X 14 One Ream of Plain Legal size

In this new process, Workday will automatically charge I.T. for the order of paper instead of charging the requester's default Cost Center. The Cost Center can be changed in Workday if you prefer. This will not change the cost per page of paper. The paper will be delivered to the location indicated in the purchase order.

If you have previously requested plain paper for a printer using the current online ticket request form, and have not received your order, you will need to request that paper using the new process in Workday instead.

If you have any questions, contact Paul Lafollette.


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