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Installing Printer Software for Wireless Printing on Campus (Locations Included)

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All printers require you to pay with money on your I-Card.

There are printers across campus, and if you know which printers you are usually closest to you can download the software for those printers to your computer and print from them anytime. All the software packs are available for download in this article. The download process differs slightly between Windows and Mac computers, however, so instructions for both are provided below.

This article is specifically for students who would like a printer object in their list of printers. You must be connected to the campus network in order to print with these computers. For information on wireless printing without installation, see the article Wireless Printing with Pharos Print.

If you want to learn how to print materials from Canvas, see the article Print Material Through Canvas.

Windows Wireless Printing

1. Download the Students Prints Pack. Open the file once it finishes downloading.

student pack

The Students Prints Pack includes the most commonly used printers on campus. If the printer you would like to use is not included in the Students Prints Pack, make sure to download the pack specific to the printer. 

2. Run the .exe file. Click on More info.

more info

3. Click Run anyway.

run anyway

You may have to enter your admin username and password. If you are on a laptop, enter the username and password for your computer. 

4. The pack will begin installing. A box will appear when the installation is complete. Click Finish.


5. Ask your documents to print like you usually would. When you are prompted to choose which printer to print from, the campus wireless printers should be among your available options. 

studentbw byui

You can now print using any of the computers in the Pack. The Students Prints Pack will check for updates and update automatically; however, updates are not frequent. Because the initial package is a starter package, you cannot just download, carry on a thumb drive, and then install it somewhere else.

Mac Wireless Printing

1. Find the printer you would like to print from in one of the tables below and download the applicable pack linked under the tables below. The pack will download to your computer with the extension .zip.

pack download

2. Double-click the .zip file. The computer will change the file type from .zip to .dmg. Double-click the .dmg file link. 

.zip/.dmg file

3. A pop-up window will appear. Double-click on the open box icon shown in the window.


4. Click Continue and follow the prompts to complete the installation.


5. Once the installation is finished, go to the App Store on your computer and click Updates. You should now see a Software Updates menu with HP Printer Software Update beneath it. Click the Update  button to install the update, then restart your computer.

6. When your computer restarts, you should be able to see whichever campus printers you downloaded a pack for when you go to print a document from your Mac.

Printer Types, Locations, & Software

The Interactive Campus Map shows the most up-to-date locations of printers on campus, including black and white printers, color printers, and copy, scan, and email locations.

To view these locations on the map, visit and select the menu icon in the top-left corner of the page.

The menu icon will open a sidebar with the options Campus Information and Parking. Select Campus Information to open a drop-down menu.

Select the items in the drop-down menu that you wish to see displayed on the map. Select B&W Printer to view black and white printer locations, select Color Printer to view colored printer locations, and select Copy, Scan, Email to view copy, scan, and email locations. The selected options will appear as colored bubbles on the map, and you can zoom in and out to view locations more clearly.

Student BW
  • Black & White printing 
  • Letter and Legal sizes 
  • Server: 
  • Formerly known as "Pharos4000" 

AgMech Bldg 


McKay Library 

All Floors  


Main Floor Lobby 

145/147 - Arch/Design Lab 

 Main Floor Near 155 - South 

125/161 - Auto Mech Labs 

213 - Computer Sci/ Linux Lab 

Manwaring Center 

Next to Info Desk 

Outside Bookstore 

MC-101 Activities 



1st Floor - North 

2nd Floor - North and South 


123 - Econ Lab 

2nd and 4th Floors - West  

Centre Square Apartments 

Buildings A, B, and C 


1st and 2nd Floor Hallways 


103 - Nursing Lab 

141 - Hallway - Family Sci Lab 

212 and 240 – Hallway 


233 - Keyboard Music Lab 

246 - Hallway 


1st and 3rd Floors 


1st and 2nd Floors - Commons  


Main Floor Lobby 


14 - Art Lab, 107 Comm Lab 

270 - By the Elevator 


2nd Floor - Hallway 


1st Floor - Common Area 

Livestock Center   



Student BW 11x17
  • Black & White printing 
  • Up to 11x17 size prints 
  • Server: 
  • Formerly known as "Pharos5200" or as "Arch-INTD-BW-11x17" 


Main Floor - North 

145/147 - Arch/Design Lab 


14 - Art Lab 

107 - Communications Lab 

2nd Floor by Elevator 


240 - Hallway 


246 - Hall - Prints in Room 246 

Student Color
  • Color printing 
  • Letter and Legal-size prints 
  • Server: 


145/147 - Arch/Design Labs 


212 - Hallway 

Manwaring Center  

Outside Bookstore 

MC-101 Activities 


140 - Commons 

3rd Floor 

Student Color 11x17
  • Color printing 
  • Up to 12x18 size prints 
  • Server: 


145/147 - Arch/Design Labs 

Manwaring Center 

Outside Bookstore 

Spori Color
  • Color printing 
  • Up to 12x18 size prints 
  • Server: 


2nd floor (Located next to the elevator) 

Mac SporiColor pack download  

Windows SporiColor pack download


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