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Emailing a Print Station

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All printers require you to pay with money on your I-Card. 

If you haven’t downloaded the printer software pack you need for a printer on campus (see Wireless Printing with Select Printers), you can email a document to be printed by a printer near you.

For printer locations, visit Installing Printer Software for Wireless Printing on Campus (Locations Included).

1. Sign in to your school or personal email account. 

2. Open a new email message. 



3. Add the document to be printed as an attachment. The attachment must be smaller than 52.4 MB. Supported file types include: 

  • Microsoft Word 
  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint 
  • PDF 
  • Image 
  • Text (CSV, RFT, & TXT) 
  • Visio 

If your file is not in a supported format, you can export it as a PDF to attach to the email.



4. Email the print job:          



5. Sign in to the print release station using the same BYU-Idaho username you used to login to your email. 

6. Swipe your I-Card. This will identify the account you wish to use to pay for the print job. 

7. Select and print your print jobs. 

The first time you successfully use this service from an email account, you will receive a response asking you to register that email with your BYU-Idaho account. Multiple emails can be registered to your BYU-Idaho account for mobile printing. There is no need to resend the attachment after you register your email account. 


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