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Using 2FA to Access a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows employees to access on-campus drives and programs from off-campus locations. Whenever you access VPN, you will need to authenticate using 2-Factor Authentication.

To authenticate when using VPN: 

1. Log into the VPN program you typically use. 

2. Enter your username and password. 

3. Enter a second password. The password you enter here depends on what method you wish to use to authenticate. For information about the various authentication methods available to you, visit our articles Installing Duo Mobile on Android and Apple, and Authenticating via Landline or SMS Text

  • To authenticate via push notification: Enter push
  • To authenticate via phone call: Enter call
  • To authenticate via a code sent to a text message: Enter code

4. Press Enter

5. You will then be sent an authentication request via the method you requested. Respond to the notification, answer the phone call and follow the instructions, or enter the texted code into your computer to complete the authentication process and get into your account.


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