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Outlook: Texting, Faxing, & Delaying

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There are lots of functions the Outlook Desktop can do. Select the section you want to learn more about.

For instructions on how to combine school and personal email see the article Setting Up & Forgetting School Email on a Mobile Phone.

Texting from Email

If you need to get a message to someone who might not have access to their email, you can text them from your own email. 

1. Open Outlook

2. Click New Email or New Message to compose a new draft.

new email

3. Enter the recipient’s ten-digit cell phone number in the To: field, followed by the @ symbol. 

4. After the @ symbol, add the recipient’s cell phone carrier. See below for a list of cell phone carriers and their matching @ addresses. 

  • Sprint: 
  • AT&T: 
  • Qwest: 
  • T-Mobile: 
  • Verizon: 
  • Virgin: 
  • Nextel: 
  • Alltel: 
  • Metro: 
  • Powertel: 
  • Boost: 
  • Suncom: 
  • Tracfone: 
  • U.S. Cellular: 

5. Type a short message in the body of the email. (A long message might be delivered in a barrage of multiple texts.) 


6. Click Send. Your email will now be delivered as a text on the recipient’s cell phone. 

send message

Faxing from Email

1. Click New Email just like sending a regular email.

new email

2. Enter the fax number followed by

Delaying Email

1. For the email you want to delay, expand the Tags section by clicking the arrow in the corner.

2. Select Do not deliver before and enter the date and time you want the email to be sent. Click Close when done.

3. Click Send to send the delayed email.


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