Understanding "Requirements and Courses" Section

This Section Will Help You Plan Your Required Courses Effectively

  1. On your Grad Planner you will have 3 different course categories. You can find those under "Requirements & Courses"
  2. You will see Generals, Degree and Electives.
  3. Click on Generals.


  1. A number of sub-categories will appear such as cornerstone requirements, eternal truths, science, etc...
  2. Select one of the options you would like to see the courses and amount of credits you need to plan for that specific sub-category.
  1. On the box labeled #1 You will see completed courses in blue, planned courses in green and unplanned courses in blank. 
  2. You will also see the total amount of credits needed at the right of the bar.
  3. Box #2 shows the courses you have available for planning.


  1. When you select the degree tab you will see core courses required for your major.
  1. You will also find a bar with different requirements.
  2. These suggest the order in which the courses should be taken according to their divisions.


  1. When you click on the electives box you will see a bar with elective credits needed, electives completed, planned and unplanned.
  1. You can also switch to view the electives you have planned, completed and also the excess credits you have planned and/or taken.
  2. Courses pertaining to its respective categories will be shown bellow.
  1. If you would like to search for a specific course you can click this button and you will be taken to a search bar.
  1. Here you can manually type in the course name or code you are interested in.
  2. You can also search by department, instructional method, course type, and credits.


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