How to Plan Courses

  1. You can find your required courses for planning under "Requirements & Courses" on the right side of the page either on single or multi-semester view.
  2. You can click on Generals and you will see all the subcategories.
  1. Required courses will appear below
  1. Select a course by clicking on the green circle next to the course.
  2. A window pop-up will show the different semesters course is available.
  1. Select desired semester by clicking on the desired box.
  2. Course will appear on the semester chosen.
  1. Planned courses will turn gray and show on the Semester chosen.

How To Switch Courses Between Semesters

Drag and Drop Feature

  1. First you have to switch to multi semester view.
  1. Identify course you want to move.
  2. Click, hold and drag to desired semester.
  1. When dragging cours over different semesters, you will see dashed box showing that course can be planned on that semester.
  2. Drop semester there and course will be moved.

"Move Course" option

This feature is available on both, single and multi-semester view.

  1. Identify course and click on the pencil icon.
  2. A little window will appear with various options.
  1. Click the move course option.
  2. A window with semesters available will appear for you to choose from.
  1. Click desired semester
  2. Course will be changed to new semester.


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