How to Change Major, Add Cluster,/Minor

Changing Major

1. Click on the the "create alternate plan" button

1. Click on the change major button.

1. On the major search page you can manually search for desired course by typing the course code or name.

2. You can also click on the "Shortest path" button to see what majors you can graduate the fastest with.

1. When you type in a major name, courses with same name will appear. 

2. Choose desired major by clicking the gray box next to it.

  1. You then select a catalog year that best fits your academic and career goals.
  2. After you have selected the catalog year, you will be taken back to the change major page.
  1. When done, click start planning.

Adding a Minor/Cluster

Adding a minor and or cluster is very similar to changing your major.

  1. You can only add a minor and/or cluster when before clicking the "start planning" button after you can created and chosen a new major.
  2. On the same page where you can change your major, you will see at the bottom an option to add minor and cluster.

  1. You will land on this page where you can type or toggle shortest path.
  2. You will follow the same process as you would for searching for a major.


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