Create/Modify a department professional development plan

Career Preparation

Click on the Career Preparation tab.

Department Roadmaps

Search for a department. Once you've found the roadmap you want, click on the department name.

Edit existing roadmap

Click on the arrow next to an existing roadmap to view the details and edit.

Click on the name of a goal to edit the goal details.

After any editing, make sure to click on Save at the top of the page.

Here are some things that you may edit on this page:

  1. Goal Name
  2. Display Name
  3. Goal Description
  4. Assign a course to be linked with this goal
  5. Change the goal type
  6. Assign a semester and week for when the goal should be competed
  7. Add a goal
  8. Add activities to be completed within the goal

Creating a Roadmap

After searching for and selecting a department, the Create New Roadmap button will be enabled for you to click.

Roadmap Name

Type a name for the new roadmap and click Save.

You can also choose whether this will be for the Career track, Grad School Track, or Both.

Add University/Department Goals

Click Add New Goal within the desired school year.

You can either search for a goal by name if you know it, create a new goal, or you can use the available filters to narrow down your search between University or Department goals.

Once you have found the goal you want, you click on the name and it will be automatically added to the Professional Development plan under Freshman Year.

Move a goal

There are two ways to move a goal to a new year. First, you can drag and drop the goal into the desired location.

Second, you can click on the three lines, also known as a hamburger, to see a list of the academic years.


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