Admin - How to impersonate a student

Student I-Number

Make sure to write down or copy the student's I-number that you want to impersonate

Orange Glasses

Click on the orange impersonation glasses in the top right of I-Plan

Paste/Type I-Number

Either paste or type the student's I-Number into the available drop down box and hit the Enter key.

Allow Pop-ups

If the student's plan does not open immediately, it is most likely because the settings are set to block pop-ups. You can disable this by following the steps in the image below.

  1. Click on the pop-up message in the top right of your address bar
  2. Click to Always allow pop-ups from i-Plan
  3. Click Done
  4. Now reenter the student's I-Number and hit enter and the page should open


An orange bar will be displayed at the top of the page which means you are successfully impersonating the student.


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