How Do I Add a Goal for a Student?

Log in to I-Plan

Go to and click the BYU-Idaho login button

Enter your BYU-Idaho credentials

Enter your BYU-Idaho credentials and click "LOGIN"

Click the Grad Planner link in the navigation bar at the top

Find the Correct Student

  1. Click the arrow on the left-hand side of the screen to open a slide-out menu
  2. Choose Search Students
  3. In the search field, you can search by student name, I-Number, or email address
    • You can also filter by sub-program and major

View the Student's Professional Development Plan

Open the professional development plan of the selected student by clicking the arrow on the right hand side of the row

Add the Goal in the Appropriate Academic Year

  • Scroll down to the goals section and choose the appropriate academic year by clicking the left or right arrows
  • Click the plus button at the end of the desired semester
  • Fill in the Goal Name, Display Name, and Goal Description fields
  • Choose an Academic Year and Semester
  • Click Save


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