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How Do I Make Notes on a Student's Grad Plan?

Log in to I-Plan

Go to https://iplan.byui.edu and click the BYU-Idaho login button

Enter your BYU-Idaho credentials

Enter your BYU-Idaho credentials and click "LOGIN"

Click the Professional Development link in the navigation bar at the top

Find the Correct Student

Use the filter options to find the student you are looking for. The filters you can choose from are listed below:

  1. College
  2. Department
  3. Major
  4. Sub-Program
  5. Status
    • Not Started--No action has been taken by student
    • Approved--Plan has been approved by the system
    • Unapproved--Plan has errors that need to be addressed
    • In-Progress--Student has made modifications to the plan
    • Pending--Student has submitted plan for assistance
    • Advisor Recommendation--Advisor has reviewed the plan and made recommendations
    • Recommended Plan Applied--Student has accessed grad plan, but made no changes
    • Advisor In-Progress--Advisor has made recommendations but not sent them
  6. Academic Standing
  7. Plan Type
    • Declared--Plan corresponds to student's declared major
    • Alternate--Student created an alternate plan to explore other major options
  8. Holds
  9. Catalog Year

There is also a text search field that allows you to search by student name or I-Number

Selecting the top level of each dropdown menu removes the filter as a criterion from your search, e.g. choosing "Status" in the Status dropdown menu allows you to view students with any status instead of filtering out all states but one.

View the Student's Grad Plan

Open the grad plan of the selected student by clicking the arrow on the right hand side of the row

Open an Academic Year and Leave Your Note

  • Scroll down to the section of the plan that displays the academic years and click the academic year for which you wish to leave a note
  • Click the comment icon and enter your note
  • Click Add Note to save your comment for the student


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