Faculty Questions re. Grad Planner

What is the Graduation Planner?

The Graduation Planner is BYU-Idaho's online course planning tool for students. It provides students with one place to:

  • See the courses they need to take and the order in which they should take them based on transfer credits, previously completed courses, and department-recommended course sequencing.
  • Get an approved graduation plan leading to on-time graduation
  • Create alternate plans in order to explore the impact of changing majors or catalog years on graduation date.
  • Change their major (if they can get an approved alternate plan in the major to which they would like to change.

How do I Access the Graduation Planner?

In order to access the Graduation Planner, follow these steps:

  1. Visit https://iplan.byui.edu
  2. Click the BYU-Idaho login button
  3. Enter your BYU-Idaho credentials
  4. Click Login and choose Grad Planner in the black navigation bar at the top of the page

In order to access the Grad Planner, you need to be a member of the Grad Planner Faculty role in the BYU-Idaho Role Manager. If the link is missing, please do the following:

  1. Create an email to iplansupport@byui.edu with the following subject: "Add to Faculty Grad Planner Role"
  2. Please be sure to provide name, department, and email address in the body of the message

The BYU-Idaho I-Plan support team will generally respond to requests within 1 business day

How Will the Graduation Planner Impact my Work?

Some faculty members may choose to use the Graduation Planner as an advising tool with students they mentor. However, Grad Planner is primarily a student-facing tool, and should have very little direct impact on faculty members unless they choose to engage with the tool.

What Can I Do in the Graduation Planner as a Faculty Member?

Faculty can use the Grad Planner in a number of different ways:

  • Use the tool to advise individual students assigned to them for mentoring
  • Review grad plans of individual students and make recommendations of courses and their proper sequence for the student
  • Faculty members can make notes for students on the plans they review

Who Can I Contact with Questions?

There are several resources available to answer Grad Plan questions:

  1. The BYU-Idaho Support Center (BSC)--The BSC can be contacted by calling extension 2900. The BSC is equipped to answer basic I-Plan questions, and is a good initial resource
  2. College advising centers--College advising centers can also be a good source of information in the event that the BSC cannot answer a question. Please call extension 9800 to reach the main advising desk
  3. I-Plan Support Team--The I-Plan support team is located in the Chapman building, and can respond to escalations from the BSC or advising centers. They can be contacted at iplansupport@byui.edu or by phone at extension 0984


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