How do I cancel my appointment?

Go to I-Plan (if you don't know how to do this please click here).

Click on the Tutoring box 

Access your appointment

Click the time range in the My Appointments section on the Tutoring home page to access the appointment you wish to cancel

Choose the appointment on the calendar

On the calendar choose the appointment timeslot you want to cancel. This will open the appointment details.

Choose Cancel Appointment

Click the Cancel Appointment button in the appointment details screen

Finalize the cancellation

  • Provide a reason that you are canceling the appointment and finalize the cancellation by clicking the Cancel Appointment button
  • Both you and the tutor will receive an email confirmation of your cancellation

Canceling your appointment with less than 12 hours until your appointment time will result in a $9.00 fee being assessed to your student account.


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