How do I add a mentor?

Go to I-Plan

 If you don't know how to access your I-Plan, click here.

Go to Career and Internships

Click on the Career and Internships box. 

Click in Alumni Professionals 

In Alumni Professionals you can see the alumni connections you have and prospective connections. You can explore more options by clicking on Search Alumni Professionals. 

Here you can search more Alumni Professional, you can search by country, state, and professional status.  

To connect with an Alumni Professional click on the green gear and click on connect. 

You can also click on the name of the Alumni Professional to see his or her profile and then click on connect. 

A window will pop up to confirm you want to connect with this Alumni Professional

You will receive a notification. 

Some Alumni are not receiving more students, so you will see the option get in touch. 

You can send a message to the alumni you want to contact, but it is up to him or her to decide if he wants to reply or accept your connection. 

If you want to withdraw an Alumni Request, go back to Alumni Professionals and click on the green gear of the Alumni you want to withdraw, and click on Withdraw Request. 

Confirm you want to withdraw. 

You will receive a notification. 


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