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How Do I Get Started with Career Exploration?

Access I-Plan

If you don't know how to get to I-Plan, a tutorial is available here.

Visit the Career Exploration Module of I-Plan (Educational Strategy)

  • Click the Educational Strategy link in the navigation bar at the top of the page

Complete the Interest Assessment

  • Read each of the six numbered statements
  • Determine your level of interest in doing work that includes the types of activities described in the statement
  • Mark your level of interest in the activity on the dial to the right of each statement
  • When you have completed marking the six dials, scroll down to view a list of occupations that match your interests

As you mark the dials, the list of occupations is automatically filtered to represent your interests

The occupations are sorted by how closely they match your stated interests, with the ones most closely matching the interests you identified at the top

View Information about Positions of Interest to You

  • Click the gear next to an occupation of interest to you
  • Choose View Details

Information Available on the Details Page:

  • Occupation description
  • Information by geographical location:
    • Wage information
    • Industry growth
    • Estimated job openings
  • Related careers
  • Related majors at BYU-Idaho
  • Alumni professionals to connect with


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