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How do I declare a major in Career Exploration?

Go to I-Plan (if you don't know how to do this please click here). 

If you have a major declared in career exploration, you can still choose a different major. After you choose a different major an alternate plan will be created. You will have to complete your alternate plan in order to switch majors. 

For more information about this please click here

Career Exploration

Click on Career Exploration.

Major Tab

Click on the major tab at the top right of the page.

Click on Edit major

Search for a Major

If you already know what major you would like to declare, search for the major using the search bar.

If you are unsure of a major, you can scroll down to the list of available majors as well as use the filters to find a group of majors.

If you use the filters, be sure to click Apply when ready to search for a major.

Click on the green gear

Once you've found a major that you are interested in, click on the green gear next to the major code and name. This will give you the option to View Details about the major, or Preview Major will show the requirements needed to complete the degree.

View Details

There is a brief description of the major and feedback from BYU-Idaho Alumni in regards to the major displayed on this page.

On the View Details page, click Select This Major if you would like to declare this as your major.

Preview Major

Preview Major will show a breakdown of the degree credits and components required.

Click on Select This Major if you would like to declare this major

Choose the Required Components

Instructions for the required components for your selected major are displayed beneath the boxes showing the degree credits.

Click on the plus sign below the components box to choose which component to add.

Following the instructions for the required components, choose which component to add.

Using the green gears, Choose the minor or cluster you would like.

Repeat this process until all requirements for components are fulfilled.

Save and Continue

Click on Save and Continue at the top left of the page.


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