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Career Exploration Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose a career?

    Have you already taken the Interest Assessment? If not, click here to learn how to take the Interest Assessment.

    If you have already taken the Interest Assessment, click here for instructions on how to find and declare a career.
  • How do I compare different careers?

    It can be difficult to narrow down the career search. Click here to learn how to compare several careers at once. This allows you to see the average salary, related majors, estimated job openings, and schooling required. All of this information can be filtered by the state and city you desire.
  • How do I declare my Major in I-Plan?

    Click here to learn how to find and declare your major in I-Plan?
  • How does the Interest Assessment work?

    The Interest Assessment is a list of types of activities that students might encounter in a work environment. Students select the point on each "dial" that corresponds to their level of interest in a particular kind of activity. The list of occupations will be sorted according to how well each occupation aligns with the students' interests. If students want to take a more comprehensive assessment they can visit the link that is on the Educational Strategy page.

    Click here to for more details on how to take the Interest Assessment.
  • What does Assessing a career mean?

    Assessing a career compares the students' combatibility with the career based on the results of the interest assessment test.

    Click here to learn how to Assess a career.
  • Is there a way I can see how prepared I am for my chosen career?

    After completing the Interest Assessment, students can choose View Career Alignment for a career that interests them. This will give a more detailed list of how well prepared a student is in regards with the knowledge and skills they will need.

    Click here for instructions on how to find the View Career Alignment, and how to complete it.
  • How do I find a Mentor?

    Have you already declared a career that you are interested in? If not, click here to learn how to declare a career. Once a career has been declared, click here to learn how to find a Mentor related to that career.
  • What if the occupation I'm interested in is not listed in the results based on the responses I gave on the Interest Assessment?

    If the occupation that the student is interested in is not listed in the results, that does not mean that the student cannot pursue that career.
    Students can search the occupation that they are interested in to find further information about that career.
  • Is this tool intended to tell me what I should do with my life?

    No, this tool is not intended to tell students what they should do with their life. This tool is designed to help students find occupations that may interest them based on what they answer for the assessments.


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