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What are the placeholders on my grad plan and what do they mean?

Everything required for graduation is in your grad plan. All of your major requirements, foundations classes, and any required electives are already in your plan.

Each requirement is represented and comes in two types: required classes and placeholders. There is a simple color code to help you understand which classes are required and which requirements have options.

Required Classes

Required classes do not have a green outline and come already specified in your grad plan. They will list the title and code of the course and have the amount of credits listed on the right. 

This class is required for graduation. Rarely are there exceptions for a required class; you must take this one. To see if there are options, click on the gear and select Choose Course.

From a required course, you can click on the gear to move the course, view the requirement it fulfills, or view the class details.


A placeholder is used when you have an option to fulfill a requirement. They start as empty placeholders. When you choose what you want to take to fulfill that requirement, it becomes a filled placeholder.

Empty Placeholders

An empty placeholder has a green outline and no specific class. In place of a class name and code, an empty placeholder lists the requirement and how many credits are needed to fulfill that placeholder. There is also no credit number on the side. 

From an empty placeholder, you can click on the gear to choose a course to fill the placeholder or move the placeholder to a different semester.

Filled Placeholders

After you choose a course from an empty placeholder, it becomes a filled placeholder. Filled placeholders are still outlined in green, telling you this is not a required class, it was selected from a list of options. It lists the course title and code and has the credit number on the side. 

When you click on the gear, you can move the course to a different semester, view the requirement to change the course, or view the course details.

General Electives

General Elective placeholders function a little differently. They still have a green outline and the number of credits the placeholder is for. However, the options to fulfill this placeholder are much more flexible.

When you select Choose Course, the pop-up gives you access to any class offered at BYU-Idaho. The search filters at the top can help narrow your search to find either a specific class or a type of class to take. 

After you have selected your class, the placeholder in the grad plan looks the same until you click on the gear.

A regular placeholder gives you the option to Choose Course, to view the requirement and select classes that will fulfill the requirement.
A general elective placeholder gives you the option to Remove Course, which removes the selected class and provides a new general elective placeholder.