How do I plan to retake a class?

Retake for failed class

If you fail a class, Grad Planner will flag the class in red and warn you that you need to replan the class.

To plan the class again, click on the red gear and choose "Replan Course", then select a semester. Grad Planner will put the class in the selected semester.

Alternately, a new placeholder will be added to your plan and you can add the class through the placeholder like normal.

Retake to improve grade

If you have already received a passing grade but want to retake the class to improve your grade, you still need to plan it from the past semester where you took the class. Select the gray gear and click on "Replan Course".

You cannot replan a class that you have already passed from a general elective placeholder. The class will be grayed out and unavailable for planning.