What does the class View Details tell me?

Grad Planner pulls information from the catalog about each course. To find it, you can select the green gear next to a class and click on View Details.

Some of the information is different depending on if you are looking at a class that you have already taken or if you are looking at a class that you have planned for the future.

Future classes

In your future classes you will see the following sections:

  • Course Summary
  • Repeat
  • Course Requirements Completed
  • Course History
  • Status
  • Requisites

Course Summary

Course Summary gives you a quick overview of what to expect from this class. The description comes from the catalog.


Repeat tells you if you can take the class multiple times and receive credit. It tells you the maximum number of credits you can earn from the class.

Course Requirements

Course Requirements explains if there are any special restrictions or requirements to take this class, such as having a certain major, track, or amount of credits.

This is not the same as requisite classes that are required to take this class. See Requisites below for information on requisite classes.


Pre-Requisites must be taken before you take this class.
Concurrent-Requisites must be taken at the same time as this class.
Co-Requisites should be taken at the same time or after this class.

If the requisite classes are in the correct spot in your grad plan, they will be marked green. If they are in the wrong spot or still need to be added, they will be white.

Some majors have unique circumstances and may not need to take a pre-requisite class as listed in Grad Planner. If the pre-requisite class does not show up in your plan, you may be in one of these majors. For help with your grad plan and understanding if you need the pre-requisites or not, contact your advising center.

Course History

If the course code has been changed, here you can find what the old code was and when the change took place.

Past Classes

For classes that you have already taken, most of the information is the same. There are just a couple differences. 

You can see the grade you got in the class, the credits, and the semester when you took the class.