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Things You Need to Know Before Creating an Alternate Grad Plan

An alternate plan is a grad plan you can make to plan an alternative major. You can still keep your declared plan.


When you are creating an alternate plan you will see different boxes and options. Every search box will help you to refine your search.

When you are choosing a major you will notice that some majors have the option Viable and Not Viable.

If a major is Viable, it means, based on a quick credit count, that you will be able to complete that major under 140 credits. 

If a major is grayed out and says it is "Not Viable", this does not mean that you are unable to take the major. It means  that, based on a quick count, you may not be able to complete the major in under 140 credits. 

Being over 140 doesn't always mean you can't declare the major, but it does mean that you will need an advisor's help and input to get permission to change your major. 

View Details

To view the major details click on the green gear and click on view details. 

Choosing Extra Components

After you select the major, you may be given a chance to declare an additional component. This means a minor or a cluster. 

In some majors, you are required to declare a minor or cluster. Some allow you to declare a minor or cluster but you are not required; it is optional and dependent on credits. Others still prevent you from declaring a minor or cluster because there is no room in the degree for an additional component. 

If you are given the opportunity to add a component, it will look this:   

*Some majors won't have the option to add an extra component. If you have further questions please contact your advising center. 

Now that you know more about creating an alternate plan, you can click here to see the steps to create an alternate grad plan.