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How do I submit a grad plan to an advisor for help?

Try to validate your plan

Before you can submit your grad plan to an advisor, you must try to validate it.

After it is invalid, the Submit For Advisor Help button shows up. Click on it.

Type your message in the box and submit.

Hearing back from an advisor

When an advisor looks at your plan and responds, they typically do not send an email. Their response comes directly through Grad Planner.
This means you should check Grad Planner every few days to see if they have responded.

When an advisor has responded, you will see this note at the top of your page.

A little lower down you will see this, which shows you what the advisor said back.

Accept/Reject or Continue Planning

Depending on what the advisor did, sometimes you need to accept their changes or reject their changes. These could include moving classes to different semesters or planning different classes. This will show up in place of the Continue Planning button.