How do I add an extra class?

Add Course button

The Add Course button is located at the top of the grad plan, just underneath the overview information.

To add an extra course, beyond what is already in your grad plan, click on the button.

If you still have empty placeholders in your grad plan, you will receive this warning. Before you can add excess classes, you must fill every placeholder. Your plan does not have to be approved, but you do have to fill every placeholder.

When all your placeholders are chosen and you select the Add Course button, you will receive the course selection screen. This is exactly the same as the course selection screen for General Elective placeholders. Find the class you want, click on the green plus sign, select a semester, and then click Plan at the top of the selection screen.

Also realize that adding courses is adding excess credits. These are credits that are not required to graduate. To talk to someone about how excess credits can help or hurt your situation, contact your advising office for your major.