How do I adjust the recommended plan?

By default, the recommended plan will populate your required classes and placeholders into your plan, putting between 14 and 18 credits of classes and placeholders in each on-track semester and avoiding off-track semesters unless specified in the recommended plan.

You can adjust any of these by either adjusting the settings or by manually moving your classes:

  • To adjust the settings for how many credits are put in each semester, change the min and max credits per semester. You can change the spread to be between 4 and 7 credits (e.g. you can tell it to have a range of 10-14 credits each semester but not 10-12 credits each semester, and you can tell it to have a range of 10-17 credits but not 6-17 credits).  Then click apply.

To adjust whether to plan a full semester during your off-track or not, check or uncheck the box. Then click apply.

  • To adjust these manually, simply move classes around on your grad plan.