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How do I refresh my degree audit and what does that do?

The Refresh Degree Audit button

If you don't know how to access I-Plan please click here

Once you are on I-Plan click on Class Planning to access your Grad Planner. 

Now you are in your grad planner, click on refresh degree audit. 

The Refresh Degree Audit button is located at the top of the grad plan, underneath the overview information.

Clicking it will refresh the information that your grad plan receives from the degree audit.

This is especially helpful if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You recently changed your registered classes and your grad plan doesn't reflect the changes
  • You recently got a substitution or waiver approved that is not being reflected on your grad plan

Refreshing the degree audit will not change any of the classes you have planned. It will not remove classes, change the classes you've planned to new ones, or move them to other semesters. 


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