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What is Grad Plan Status? What does it tell me about my Grad Plan?

Grad Plan Status

Each Grad Plan has a status to tell you what is happening with your grad plan. You can see your status at the top right of your Grad Plan. Look below to see what each status means and what you can do with it.

This means that your grad plan is ready to start but nothing has been done. The recommended plan built by the advising office is applied, but you haven't done anything.

Each recommended plan includes all requirements for graduation, including major, foundation, minor/cluster/elective requirements and all placeholders.


This means that you have started working on your grad plan. It could be as little as moving a class or placeholder or as much ready to validate.


Your plan becomes unapproved when you try to validate your plan and something needs attention. Those errors will be shown in red.

To submit your grad plan to an advisor, you must first have tried to validate and received an unapproved plan.

Submitted to Advisor or Pending

This is when you have submitted your Grad Plan to an advisor for help. They have not yet started working on it, but it is in their queue to look at.

Be aware that if you make any changes after submitting it to an advisor, it changes the status back to In-Progress, which removes it from their queue and they will not see it.

Advisor In-Progress

This means that an advisor has started looking at your plan and is making recommendations. If your grad plan stays in this status for several days, you may want to contact your advising office.

If you try to log in to your grad plan while it is in advisor hands, you will receive the following warning:

If you resume control, you may not receive all of the recommendations they were working on, and they will receive a message saying you have taken control back.

Advisor Recommendation

This means that an advisor has finished making recommendations and submitted it back to you. You have not accepted or rejected any of their recommendations or made any changes since they sent it back to you.

You will also receive this message when you log in:

You must accept or reject recommendations before continuing with your plan. When you accept or reject, the plan status will change. If the recommendations finished your plan, it will become Approved. If the recommendations did not finish your plan, it will become Unapproved. When you make any changes, it will become In-Progress.


This means your Grad Plan is good to go! You have chosen classes for all your placeholders, resolved any sequencing errors, and classes are planned in semesters where they will be offered. Having an Approved plan will remove any High Credit Restriction on your account. If you are working with an Alternate Plan, you can also change it to your Declared Plan, which will change your major and any new components such as catalog year, emphasis, or minor to those of the Alternate Plan.

Not Started

If you see your grad plan status is Not Started, contact your advising office.
This means either that there is no Recommended Plan to apply to your grad plan, or that you have never opened Grad Planner. Either way, if you see it, it usually means something is wrong. Contact your advising office.