Where are the classes I need to take?

Login to Grad Plan (if you don't know how to do it, click here).

To find classes you need to take, there are two options.

One of the options is to go to the Grad Plan module and scroll to the bottom where you will see a list of academic years.

Above the academic years, click the "Add Course" button to see a list of all the classes you need to take.

After selecting the "Add Course" button, it will show you the classes you need to take, or the classes you are still needing to take. 

To find classes scroll further down and you will find a search tool to find the class that you want.

Its very important that after any planning that you select the green "Plan" button at the top right hand side of the screen, this saves your work so you don't have to redo it.

After you choose your class you will receive a notification and the class will show up in the semester you selected. 

**If the "Add Course" button does not work, it may be because you have exceeded the credit limit and will need to validate your plan before you can make any changes.

*The other option is to search the BYU-Idaho page for your major's catalog. This will give you a list of all the classes you can take.

For more information, contact your advising office through the following link: http://www.byui.edu/advising/contact


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