Grad Planner Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is I-Plan's Graduation Planner integrated with the old Grad Planner?

    No. Once your major begins to use I-Plan you will no longer have access to the old Grad Planner. In order to make your planning easier, click here for instructions on how to print off your old Grad.
  • What is an Alternate Grad Plan?

    The Alternate Grad Plan gives the student the ability to explore a different Grad Plan. This is where a student can change their Major/Emphasis/Cluster. Click here for help in creating your own Alternate Grad Plan.
  • What do I do if I have errors on my Grad Plan?

    Note the error messages in red listed above the semester planning. Can you fix the errors?

    If you are unable to fix the errors, click on Submit for Adviser help located below the Validate button at the bottom of the grad plan (This will only appear after clicking Validate and having an invalid plan). Leave a note and wait for the advising center to make adjustments on your Grad Plan.
  • How do I declare a major in I-Plan?

    Using the Educational Strategy module, students can take an interest assessment to find a major and possible career that interests them. Students can then select and declare their own major using the major tab. Click here for instructions on how to take the interest assessment and find a major and career that interests you.
  • How do I change my Emphasis/Cluster?

    See the details above under "What is an Alternate Grad Plan?"
  • What are Excess Credits?

    The excess credits section tells students which credits they are taking that are not required for their major.
  • What is the estimated opportunity cost section?

    This represents the amount of money that a student is 'giving up' to take a semester of school (i.e, foregone wages, etc.).
  • How long will it take for the Advisor to finish their recommendations on my Grad Plan?

    This will vary depending on how many other students the advisors are helping and in which order your plan was received.
  • What do the different sections on the circle graph mean?

    These sections represent the different types of credits that have to be completed in order to fulfill the requirements for graduation for your selected major. The section will be gray if unplanned, light blue if planned, dark blue if completed, and a green check will show when the entire section is completed.
  • How do I move my courses to the appropriate semester?

Click here to learn the different options you have in the new Grad Planner to move and plan your courses in the appropriate semester.

  • How do I choose the courses I want?

Click here to learn about the options you have to plan the courses you need with the new Grad Planner.

  • If I have already started planning, is there an easy way for me to start everything over like how it was first applied in my plan?

Yes. At any time you can click on the Reset Recommended Plan button. This will reapply the recommended plan and reset all changes that have been done to your plan from when it was first applied.

  • How do I use the Compare Grad Plans option?

You first must have completed an Alternate Grad Plan. Once you have at least one Alternate Grad Plan you can use the Compare Grad Plans option. Click here to learn how to use this option.

  • If I click on the Plan For Off-Track option, will this automatically enroll me year around?

No. This option applies the Recommended Plan in each Fall, Winter, and Spring semester. You will still need to request an override, or apply for Fast Grad in order to be approved to take classes during your off track.

  • What happens if I don't sign up for all of the classes in a semester that are planned in my Grad Plan?

The classes in your Grad Plan that you do not sign up for will be pushed back to the next available semester. If you had an Approved Plan, you will now need to go through the validation and planning process again in order to have an Approved Plan.

  • Faculty - How do I access the course availability?
  1. Login to using your BYU-Idaho username and password
  2. Click on the Grad Planner tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on the fly-out tab in the top left corner
  4. Click on Course Availability
  5. Use the search box or filters to find the desired course


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