C3 Timeline and Meetings

Prepare Phase Timeline

Wrap-up / Kick-off Meeting (1-2 semester prior)

The Wrap-up / Kick-off Meeting is held at the end of each semester. It is meant to serve as the first C3 experience for new C3 teams and the culminating activity at the end of the development semester. During this meeting we will: 

  • Welcome faculty and teams new to the C3 team 
  • Introduce the vision and purpose of the C3 Lab
  • Have C3 teams wrap-up the development semester by presenting a summary of the improvements made during C3 semester. 

We believe that this experience will reinforce the collaborative culture of the C3 lab and inspire faculty teams to continue to innovate based on the previous innovations of others. 

Steward-Facilitator-Designer Meeting (1-3 months prior)

The Steward-Facilitator meeting is organized by the C3 Facilitator. The facilitator should setup the meeting time and location with the course steward and should also invite the C3 course designer. Objectives for this meeting include: 

  • Assess the current condition of the course
  • Listen to the goals of the steward
  • Introduce the workbook
  • Begin working on the itinerary
  • Finalize the team members
  • Finalize the meeting schedule
  • Search for student contributions to the team (TA)
  • What additional data, focus groups are needed?
  • Off-site discussion
  • Check for Dept. vision/requests

1st Team Meeting (1 month prior)

The 1st team meeting should include the full C3 team and should be held sometime prior to the start of the development phase, typically 1 month or so prior. The purposes of this meeting include. 

  • Team building
  • Establish expectations
  • Get to know the course

More info found in your C3 Workbook. 

Develop Phase Meetings

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