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Coordinating C3 Lab with Online Development

There are many courses that have online versions with varying degrees of alignment between the campus and online versions. The content below is meant to help C3 facilitators and Course Stewards guide how they coordinate their work with BYU-Idaho Online Learning.

Organizing the C3 Team with Online Designers

  1. Identify if the C3 lab will impact online. 
    • How closely aligned are the campus and online versions of the course? The greater the alignment, the more involved the online course designer may need to be.
  2. Identify any existing timelines for Online development of the course.
    • It is recommended that the C3 lab happen 2-3 semesters prior to online course development. Many items developed during the C3 Lab should be tested in a campus course before being implemented in the online version. 
  3. Identify the online course designer to be invited.
    • Depending on the degree of alignment between the two courses, coordinate the critical touchpoints where the online designer should be involved in the C3 process. 

Role of the Online Course Designer in the C3 Lab

  • Provide strategic input.
  • Increase awareness of accessible and affordable course materials.
  • Help the team decide which online activities can be used to support more effective uses of campus time and space.
  • Assist in the planning and development of learning objects.
  • Document and plan for the online development/improvement (may not happen for 1-3 semesters).


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