C3 Summer Bootcamp

The C3 Summer Bootcamp is an accelerated C3 Lab experience. C3 Teams that choose to do a Summer Bootcamp will work 40 hours/week for two weeks during the 7-week summer break. All team members will be compensated at a rate of $1,200/week for 2 weeks ($2,400 total). 

**Note** The Summer C3 Bootcamp is in testing. We had spots for 2 teams in the Summer of 2019. We will open Summer 2020 spots once the test is over and we are able to evaluate the effectiveness of this format.

Expectations for Summer C3 Team Members

  • Work with colleagues to prepare and ensure that we have solid outcomes and assessments in place at the beginning of the C3 Lab experience.
  • Spend roughly 40 hours per week during the 2-week C3 Summer Bootcamp, investing in improving the course, meeting with colleagues, and learning more about best practices and the scholarship of learning and teaching.
  • Study and discuss the topics and issues outlined by the C3 Lab and the Course Team.
  • Wrestle with the issues, collaborate, and create solutions, resources, and materials to improve the course.
  • Meet together during the pilot semester as needed to review the results of the pilot and make appropriate revisions.

Schedule of Issues and Activities (coming soon)

The summer schedule of issues and activities to be addressed will be an accelerated version of the typical C3 schedule. Each of the topics and issues will be divided evenly across the 10-day working schedule. More information will come by August 2019. 


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