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C3 Lab Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

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What does the C3 Lab do?

The C3 Lab allows faculty to take a step back from the course, realign the course with outcomes, investigate innovative approaches to teaching and learning, engage in the scholarship around selected innovations, and make improvements to the course. Faculty will walk away with increased knowledge and skills in course design.
Q2  Who is the C3 Lab for?  The C3 lab is for campus faculty. The C3 lab is currently serving all courses that are slated to become General Education courses. Any faculty who wishes to participate can contact David Ashby ( 

Will C3 be a gatekeeper of sorts to make sure that new and existing GE courses fit the outcomes associated with the silo they occupy?

We can use the C3 process to help accomplish any goals that a college or department has, such as ensuring that new courses accomplish the outcomes for each content area.

Questions about the Team

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Who is on each C3 team?

  • 1 Course Steward: This is typically a faculty member designated by the department chair as the team leader.
  • 1-2 faculty who also teach the course.
  • 1 faculty from another department. (Typically chosen by the course steward or volunteer.
  • 1 C3 Facilitator: Faculty member trained to facilitate the C3 lab.
  • 1 curriculum designer
  • Students – sometimes students are invited to participate in C3 teams
See C3: Pre-Lab Checklist

Can adjunct faculty be members of the C3 team? 

We are currently exploring this option.

How do C3 team members find time to participate in the C3 lab?

Faculty participating in C3 are encouraged to use PDL hours to participate in the C3 lab. The course steward uses 3 hours of PDL for the semester of the lab and other team members will use 2-3 PDL hours.


Can I join a C3 team?

Yes. We are always looking for faculty to join C3 teams. Please contact David Ashby ( if you are interested.

Questions About Time

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How much time does the C3 lab require?

  • The Course Steward usually uses 3 PDL hours for the semester of the C3 Lab.
  • Other C3 team members usually use 2-3 PDL hours for the semester of the C3 Lab.

In a smaller department, will we tie up PDL hours in C3 for years to come?

We want to guard against this scenario, where a faculty member from a small department is somehow required to use all of her professional development leave to participate in the C3 Lab.  That situation seems quite unlikely:  the faculty member would need to be the course steward for four different GE courses and all those courses would go through the C3 Lab in a two-year period.  But dept. chairs can help us avoid such situations by staggering the courses from a department that go through the C3 Lab.


Is the purpose of the C3 lab to study best practices or create homogenization across course?

Our aim is to facilitate greater innovation, grounded in the scholarship of learning and teaching—not homogenization. If the C3 Lab were about homogenization rather than best practices, we have failed miserably, since what has emerged has been a wide variety of innovations. We’ve tried to create a collaborative experience that is truly about an interdisciplinary brainstorming effort, grounded in the scholarship of learning and teaching and colleagues’ best practices. It’s true that we will be asking some of the same questions of each team, especially with the requirements added by Dean’s Council for the C3 Lab to help ensure we do what we can to help GE courses become “freshman friendly.” But there are myriad possible answers to those questions, and each team and course steward makes its own decisions about how to do that.

C3 Lab & Online Course Development

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Do online versions of these courses need to go through C3 at the same time?

Eric Karl (Curr. Dev. Managing Director) will be assisting in the design of the C3 Lab during Spring ‘19, as we tackle a number of questions.  One of them will be how we can better coordinate with online, without converting the process into the kind of redesign the online team has done.  We feel it’s critical that the C3 Lab be driven by our face-to-face faculty, without some of the production demands that have been a necessary aspect of online course development and redesign.  We think there’s plenty of room for coordination and even synergy, but we want the primary focus of the C3 Lab to be on the face-to-face course.  But if we do it well and coordinate with online, we believe improvements in the face-to-face courses may flow through to the online course as well.


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