Online Handbook Governance

 The Online Handbook governs the relationship between BYU-Idaho's  campus and Online organizations as well as partnership entities (i.e., BYU-Pathway Worldwide). 

The Online Handbook and its contents are owned and maintained by the Online Development Council (ODC). Any additions, deletions, or changes to the handbook or its contents must be approved by the ODC. Once approved by ODC, changes should be submitted for publication to the organizational learning strategist on OPR.

Handbook Advisory Team (HAT)

The Handbook Advisory Team (HAT) is tasked with ensuring the Online Handbook remains an accurate, living document. It consists of representatives from each department in online and the organizational learning strategist on OPR. They play an important role in aligning the Handbook with what is happening on the "ground floor" of the organization, as well as in communicating new changes to affected individuals. Recommendations that come from the HAT committee will be surfaced to OLC through individual directors, and from there to ODC for approval.

This group provides critical insight about what is working in the handbook and what may need to be improved, as well as how recommended changes affect individual groups. They meet regularly to review and, when necessary, recommend updates to the Online Handbook. The team is overseen by the planning and coordination manager in the Curriculum Development department. 


Publication of content is managed by the organizational learning strategist on behalf of the chair of Online Development Council (ODC). Content is considered published when it has been moved to the website and documented in the online handbook change log. For detailed publication processes, see Managing the Online Handbook


All changes to the online handbook are announced to Online internal audiences, ODC, Course Councils, and any other groups affected by the changes. The organizational learning strategist manages these announcements.

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