OSM Approval ID & Status Definitions

Status Definitions

Approved:  Have all the needed scores, have taught the course

Prequalified: Existing instructors with all the needed scores, have NOT taught the course

Pool A: Not hired yet; have all the needed scores and are eligible for hire; just need Certification

Pool B:  Applicants who have been screened by the department with a passing approval/score

Pool C: Have been screened and look like a fit; interviews will be in progress and they need

department approval before moving forward in the process

Screened: Not on Pools A or B but could be, typically because one or more of the department, interview, or CAS scores are borderline. All candidates in this situation should have been notified of their non-selection and Closed in People Admin (but Screened in OSM).

Also means not on Pool C, but would have been had they completed the digital interview; these candidates are NOT notified; told in the interview invite application will be closed if they fail to do the interview. Screened in both People Admin and OSM.

New Hire: New hire currently in Certification (who has not previously taught online for BYU-Idaho)

Unavailable:  Inactive employee; either resigned or have not taught for 3 semesters; would need a new ecclesiastical endorsement and to be rehired before teaching again

Expired: Candidate (external or existing instructor) whose application expired before there was a hiring need. Typically Pool B, but could also be Pool C and maybe Pool A. Would need to complete a new application for future consideration (to update their materials).

Withdrew: Candidate/Employee initiated withdrawal (through People Admin or contact with us)

Cancelled: Did not complete PA application (Delivery system carryover, screening score of 20), duplicate application, or prior Pool C courses for Revoked instructors

Screened Out: Not a fit, wrong state, degree, religion; not selected by department

Denied: Failed HR interview and/or CAS

Revoked: Terminated for cause; could apply to a specific course or overall employment

ION: Formerly known as “Support Coaching Schedule One,” this means “Instructor on Notice;” limited to teaching one section per semester; this status recommendation comes from Online Instruction

Probation: Instructor not eligible for contracting until they improve performance; if no improvement is evident, moved to Revoked; this status recommendation comes from Online Instruction

In-Process: Currently being assessed for hire (in CAS, perhaps interview); pulled from Pool B

Adding Approval ID's in OSM

For any applicant who needs an additional approval ID, check with the hiring coordinator prior to making changes. For individuals who are already online instructors, use the Employees tab under People in OSM. Candidates who are not yet employed by BYU-Idaho Online need to be searched in Applicant Approvals under the People tab. Open up their profile and then click on their Name under Applicant Detail

Once you have located the correct profile, find the Approved Courses tab. From there, enter the Approval Status and specify the course. Click Add Approval and the course will be added to their profile with the correct status. 


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