Enrollment Monitoring

To delete columns, left click the letter at the top of the column, and while holding the mouse down, select the next 3 columns. Right click>delete. 

This will make sure that the courses line up. If the yes/no formula next to the course check says "no" you will need to either add the course or delete the course on the google doc that doesn't match, until the excel sheet and google doc match. 

Once the courses are aligned, delete the courses used for checking. THIS STEP NEEDS TO BE DONE IN ONLINE ENROLLMENT, OPEN SEATS PER DAY, AND STUDENT ENROLLMENTS PER DAY worksheets. 

The formula should transfer to the empty column but might go up one letter ( original formula might be ='Fall Enrollment'!AV3 and after you drag it you might have the formula ='Fall Enrollment'!AW3). Change the new formula to match the original. After this copy the whole column and paste it. (All of column C and paste only the values to C). This will make the formula to delete but the values remain. 

You are done. Great job!


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