New Organizational Learning Strategist Orientation Checklist

Welcome to BYU-Idaho! This is an exciting position on a dynamic and growing team. You will find that this position offers significant opportunities for creativity and innovation. 

In this article, we've gathered some of the things you'll want to review to get started understanding the various systems and processes you'll be using in this position.

Content Management and Other Documentation

SharePoint is a content management system we use to keep most of our critical or in-process documentation. SharePoint is linked to BYU-Idaho accounts and roles, so it allows for more sophisticated permissioning than the Knowledgebase does. For this reason, particularly sensitive documents are kept here and linked in Knowledgebase articles. Our SharePoint site also contains lots of our early documentation, PDFs, in-process documents, and project plans. 

Our SharePoint site is currently linked with Steve Willis' (the Planning and Coordination Manager). It might be a good idea to talk to Ben about creating your own site and migrating our knowledgebase and Online Handbook content into it.

Lots of our legacy content in Online is stored in google drive files, so you'll need to use this account often. Online Curriculum Development has an Index they've used as a knowledgebase for the past many years. It contains links to dozens of files and programs that are used regularly by designers. The plan is to migrate as much of it as we can into the Knowledgebase, so managing that migration will be a big part of your role moving forward. Peter Williams manages this Index, but please coordinate with Ben Fryar before planning migration or working with Peter.

Well before this team oversaw knowledge management, we had a shared Google Drive folder. Most of its contents are likely out of date, but it has a few good videos, style guides, and other content related to Course Council Training. You may want to review the files and move any you want to save into SharePoint. 


You'll need to be assigned to this role to access and edit the back-end of the websites we manage: The Online Handbook and The Course Council Website. You should be made the administrator over this role, so you can add or remove student employees as needed  to help you with coding and updating the site.

Josh McKinney is a Development Coordinator who does programming and coding solutions for various groups within BYU-Idaho. He usually assigns one student employee to be our contact point for updating our websites—as of Spring 2018 it is a student named Daniel Green. Daniel is familiar with our normal updates and processes, so he can help you get familiar with our products. We typically coordinate and communicate with both Josh and Daniel  via a chat program called Slack. Josh can get you set up with an invitation to his Slack group for our team, and it will include a link from which you can make an account.

We work with our assigned student when we have updates to the Online Handbook or Course Council Website. They can also help you with designing and programming any new websites or products you may need (the CORE Hub, for example).


Screensteps is software that supports our Knowledgebase (this site you're on right now). Supporting and promoting the Knowledgebase is a central part of your role, so you will want to get familiar with our documentation and structure. It is still in its infancy, so you will have a good amount of leeway in managing content and manual organization throughout our site.  

Lots of our internal content is restricted just to this user group, so you'll need to be part of it to see it from the front-end of the Knowledgebase. See Screensteps' documentation on user groups here.

You can see our documentation on the vision and governance of the system here (you'll need to be signed in to access some of this content). This manual also includes some instructions for updating articles.

I recommend getting familiar with the navigation and use of our knowledgebase, as well as exploring user-group permissioning, article permissioning limitations, user data, courses, and other features of the software. Screesteps has excellent training content you can see here.

This is an older version of our knowledgebase that we are in the process of migrating into Screensteps and then shutting down. You'll need to work with members of the OPR team to understand which articles need to be migrated, updated, or deleted.

Project documentation, notes, and misc. plans for the role

You can find this write-up here. It contains links and a high-level overview of where we planned for this role to go in the future. It might give you some ideas and project plans on where to start.

The following is a compilation of documents, drafts, brainstorming notes, etc., that are related to this role. Some of them may not be up-to-date with the position as it has evolved, but you may find them useful moving forward. You likely need to have access to the SharePoint site before you'll be able to see many of these documents

You are done. Great job!


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