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Department Orientation Videos for Online Instructors

Department chairs and course leads are invited to prepare a short (3–5 minute) orientation video message. These videos will help online adjuncts better understand the course's design. It also illustrates each department's influence on BYU-Idaho students and how the online instructors contribute to that goal. 

How do I create an orientation video?

If you would like to create an orientation video, contact Online Instruction, who will work with you to schedule a time and place at your convenience. They'll also bring video professionals to help you look your best. The video will be placed in each online course offered by the university in your department. 

Some topics you might address:

  • What is the department's overall approach to the field? 
  • What is the experience you are trying to create for students and teachers in your department? (Is there a difference between the experience for department majors vs. non-majors?) 
  • How do the courses you have chosen to offer online fit into your overall strategic plan?  
  • What role do online adjuncts play in helping fulfill your department mission/goal? 
  • Why do students take courses (or declare majors) in this department? 
  • What steps have you taken to prepare a great curriculum for online adjuncts to facilitate? 
  • What’s your vision for an integrated curriculum? 

As appropriate, you might also...

  • Share your respect for online instructor's experience and professionalism, as well as your appreciation for their desire to teach BYU-Idaho students remotely.
  • Acknowledge that the department/university’s online learning efforts are a team effort. 
  • Acknowledge that your interactions are currently different with online adjuncts. Where you regularly interact with your faculty through department meetings and visits, the way you interact with online instructors is through videos like this, through occasional live meetings, through Course Leads, and through the BYU-Idaho Online Instruction community. 

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