Online Learning Central Aim & Values

Central Aim

  1. Develop expert online instructor teams who inspire and cultivate skills and testimonies of a diverse student body.
  2. Identify and hire online instructor teams throughout the world.
  3. Allow any qualified student to enroll in any online course any time.

Core Values

Online Instruction

Online instructor teams (online instructor, teaching assistants, teaching group leader, instructor managers, online course representatives, online course representative managers, instructor developers)

  1. Focus on students and student outcomes.
  2. Create a class environment that invites the Holy Ghost and fosters a Church Education System culture.
  3. Employ effective instructional strategies based on the Learning Model.
  4. Engage actively in Teaching Groups and Learning Communities.
  5. Meet baseline standards and regularly improve and strive toward excellence in each standard.
  6. Engage in continual improvement and ongoing development experiences.
  7. Understand their importance and unique role in the organization and have adequate resources to perform their role.

Online Employment & Scheduling

  1. Recruit, hire, and schedule quality online instructors and supporting roles (TAs, etc).
  2. Allow any student to register in any online class, anytime.
  3. Maximize online section efficiency.
  4. Provide an effective, inviting and supportive hiring process.
  5. Provide effective contracting, setup, registration, materials distribution and payroll for online instructors.
  6. Schedule available instructors (and supporting roles) according to student demand and individual preferences.

2018-2019 Online Learning Strategic Priorities and Activities

Strategic Area 2018 2019
1) Develop Expert Online Instructor Teams

-Maximize online instructor influence
-Online TOA and Spiritual Connections
  1. Implement a management, training, & evaluation plan for TAs and tutors in online classes
  2. Refine the online instructor role in PathwayConnect
  3. Create the reviewer role in EnglishConnect with a management, training, and evaluation plan
  4. Define instructor retention measures
  5. Implement Professional Learning Cycle 2.0
  6. Implement the new instructor experience model
  7. Separate instructor mentoring and evaluation
  8. Implement the instructor component of the BYUPW Success Network
  9. Develop and Implement Online Instructor Management System Phases 1-2
  10. Implement the Online Instruction Commons tool
  11. Transition online instructors to new LMS
  1. Document, share, and train to quality practices in online teaching
  2. Create additional opportunities for online instructors to serve individual students, particularly at-risk students
  3. Refine the TA and tutor model
  4. Increase instructor retention to 95%
  5. Transition those teaching PathwayConnect to new curriculum
  6. Implement a management, training, and evaluation plan for reviewers in EnglishConnect
  7. Increase regional gatherings 
  8. Develop and implement the online instructor management system phases 3-5
  9. Refine OCR role in course maintenance model
  10. 2019 OLT Conference
2) Expand and Refine Instructor Team Recruiting
  1. Refine targeted recruiging through discipline-specific networks
  2. Maintain hiring pools at 90+%
  3. Establish a recruiging model for TAs and tutors
  4. Implement new hiring criteria for PathwayConnect
  5. Implement new hiring criteria for EnglishConnect
  6. Create better alignment between quality teaching practices and hiring criteria
  1. Refine targeted recruiting
  2. Prepare to hire instructional team members outside of the United States
  3. Do user experience analysis on potential and current instructor messaging
  4. Refine instructor compensation plan
3) Enable Online Enrollment for Any Student Any Time
  1. Reduce wait-lists for online classes
  2. Keep section fill rates above 90%
  3. Create and implement a class size rubric
  4. Create an EnglishConnect delivery process
  5. Refine the CES shared enrollment model
  6. Create section setup efficiencies
  1. Implement a pooled registration model
  2. Inform EnglishConnect cost and delivery model
  3. Inform design of the 2.0 version of the online scheduling management system


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