OCR for Pilot Courses

The Pilot OCR serves as Online Instruction’s representative during the pilot semester of a newly developed or redeveloped course. This representative works in council with the Course Lead (CL) and the Course Designer (CD) during weekly meetings. It is their charge to ensure that the course meets the university’s three imperatives: improving quality, lowering cost, and expanding the reach of a BYU-Idaho education. 


The primary responsibility of Pilot OCRs is to anticipate, represent, and express the ideas, concerns, and needs of online instructors and students to the Course Council. Pilot OCRs offer critical perspective relative to student learning on both course design implications and the online teaching role.



1.       Represent the instructor and student experience to the Course Council.

2.       Evaluate and provide feedback to the council on the effectiveness of learning activities, teaching strategies, current content, assessment strategies, clarity of instructions, grading processes, etc.

3.       Review online assessment data to identify opportunities to improve student outcome performance.

4.       Review and improve Instructor Lesson Notes so that future instructors will be able to effectively facilitate the course, independent of additional support.

5.       Complete Pilot OCR Certification and attend any additional training meetings.



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