Online Instruction Reports: What to include

Instructor Evaluation Report

Due Week 3:

Measure of quality of evaluation.

Forecast of number to evaluate next semester.

Show # of instructors evaluated (subdivide by # per semester -- total YTD)

Show # passed, # failed, # opted out

Summarize current threats and opportunities

Instructor Development Report

Due: Week 4

Summary of development efforts, level of participation, estimated impact.
- Projection of upcoming development efforts (new projects, outreach efforts, etc.)
- Coaching Report (Show for the past 4 semesters: # of instructors in support coaching, probation coaching, on-demand coaching; Summarize results of coaching).

Summarize current "threats" and "opportunities" with instructor development and coaching.

OCR Report

Due: Week 7

Summarize Instructor evaluations of the online courses. (available?)
Summarize OCR activity.
Summarize OCR survey data.

Summarize current "threats" and "opportunities" with OCRs and OCRMs.

Online Instruction Community Report

Due: Week 11

Community Stats

Summarize current community "threats" and "opportunities."