Office Assistant Manual

Permissions & Accounts (one-time):

1. Purchasing card (Request online:

2. Amazon Business Account (Access through Workday)
  • StaplesAdvantage Account (Access through Workday)

  • Purchases→ under “Actions” click on “Connect to Supplier Website

  • When you’re ready to check out, your items will be brought back into Workday and you will submit your request there

  • Review information, quantities, select Spend Categories and Cost Center, Submit requisition through Workday

3. Online Scheduling Management ( (Brad Lawrence)

4. - (Brad Lawrence)

5. Virtual EMS for scheduling

6. Access to Alan’s, Rob’s, & Joel’s calendars in Outlook

7. iDrive - Online Learning

Each Semester:
1. Update Directories
  • Phone directory in Online Learning iDrive.  Update and put in knowledge base. (Stacie) (Username for Knowledge base: (hansene)

  • Picture directory in Online Learning iDrive. Update and put in knowledge base

  • Update Visio Chart with IDLs/TGLs (found in OSM, Groups, Employee Grouping-make sure to update to current semester in upper-right drop-down box) (Student Office Assistant) Detailed Instructions here

  • Update Visio Chart with admin organizations 

  • Update Visio Chart with student employee list 

  • Send updated directories ( Admin Org Chart & Phone directory) to Wendy Porter; she can also send an updated LDSBC directory

2. Schedule Rob to attend 1-2 TGL Meetings
  • Ask IDLs (Melissa Everett or Rachel Huber) for access to TGL’s Google calendar
  • Verify those dates work for Alan during your 1-on-1

  • Send email to TGLs letting them know Rob will be attending and what to expect.

3. Do all the recurring meeting scheduling on the Admin Calendar

4. Schedule 1 on 1s for the directors and dept. employees as directed by Alan

5. Coordinate and Schedule Week 5 Course Review as directed by Eric. Provide snacks/water.
  • Attendees: Alan Young, Rob Stewart, Eric Karl, Curtis Henrie, Peter Williams, Mike Wegner, Joel Galbraith, Nathan Routson, Melanie Kennelly, Steve Willis, Julie Quilter, Wendy Porter, Designers with courses being reviewed.
  • Send out a Save the Date before end of prior semester (block as much of the day as possible; as you adjust the schedule, the block will usually shrink down)

  • Week 1-2 access Review Queue, Start adding courses to Review spreadsheet that are at 75% or above. Email Peter Williams to verify list and ask about LDSBC courses.

  • Rotate the Design Groups so a different groups goes first each time (e-mail Wendy Porter from LDSBC as she will usually ask for a specific time block).

  • Week 3: Keep an eye on the Review Queue, coordinate with Steve Willis and Peter Williams for any last minute changes.

  • Week 4: send out final schedule (Alan has an email template to use; update this and send to all attendees and designers).

  • Morning of Course Review: Take snacks and water bottles up.

6. Email Student employee compensation summary to Directors/supervisors 2 weeks before semester ends.
  • Send a reminder to all supervisors to evaluate student performance and update student compensation.
  • To update in Workday: Search the student's name, click to go to Student’s profile, click “Actions” button, go down to “Compensation”, select “Request Compensation Change”, change Effective Date to first date of semester, change “Reason” to “ Base Salary Change>Mid-year Increase”, click “OK”, scroll down, click on the pencil icon to edit “Hourly” information, enter adjustment amount or new hourly wage, click check mark to save and then click on Submit.

7. Update Dept Knowledge Base

8. Print mailing labels for Online Instruction as needed

 You can call Jim Robison in Mail Services x2630, he can print these for you if you send over the addresses needed. The Online Instruction students have been handling this.

9. Populate Workday with Online Instructor org chart from OSM. Send spreadsheets to Jeremiah Cochran.
  •→ Online Learning→ Online Operations
  • Download for current semester: OSM Instructors by Semester (remove hyphens from I-numbers)

  • Download for current semester: OSM - AIM - TGL - Instructor List

  • Send both reports as well as the current AIM/TGL Org chart to Jeremiah Cochran

1. Reconcile OneCard and Department Card Purchases

Through Workday (make sure purchases don’t go more than 30 days without being reconciled or there will be a penalty on your card)

  • Receipts must accompany every transaction (except those made through Amazon, Staples, and Stores & Receiving; supplies purchased through Workday Requisitions don’t need to be reconciled).  

  • Click on “Expenses” then “Create Expense Report”. Select which Credit Card Transactions to reconcile.

  • Enter the reason for the expense and upload receipt for each transaction.

  • Select appropriate Cost Center and Purpose/Spend Category. 

  • If receipt is from a restaurant you will need to add Business Meals Info.

  • Look over ledger account charges to make sure they are in the right accounts & there are no discrepancies.  

2. Birthday Bash
  • Once a month we hold a birthday bash for all the birthdays that month. 
  • Online Learning is in charge every other month. 

  • You will order the refreshments, and Alan and Eric take turns conducting.

  • The budget is $85-90 for refreshments or treats.  

  • It is held in MC 368/369.

  • List the birthdays for the month on the whiteboard.

  • Emily Hansen, the office assistant for Curriculum Development will help with this every other month and can help show you how it is run.  

1. Payroll
  • You will be the timekeeper for student employees time so if their supervisors don’t approve their students time Marilyn Nielson will ask you to do it. 
  • I send a reminder the afternoon after time is due to direct supervisors of the students whose times haven’t been approved.

1. Check supplies
  • Check supplies and order as needed: Staples, Amazon, or Stores & Receiving (Catalog purchase) through Workday.
  • Purchases→ under “Actions” click on “Connect to Supplier Website”

  • When you’re ready to check out, your items will be brought back into Workday and you will submit your request there

  • Review information, quantities, select Spend Categories and Cost Center, Submit requisition through Workday

  • For Stores & Receiving, select “Search Catalog” instead of “Connect to Supplier Website”.

2. Design and Assemble the Online Learning Report

Design and Assemble the Online Learning Report

3. Employment & Scheduling Team Meeting (take minutes as needed)

4. Instruction Team Meeting (this is optional) (Emily not attending)

5. Online Learning Council
  • 2-3 days before, send out a reminder for Leading Like the Savior training (rotation) (Friday morning 11:30-12:30 pm) OLC Agenda
  • Provide a snack and water bottles. 

  • Take minutes during this meeting and record action items and decisions on the Agenda. (Not doing this anymore)

  • Record the audio of the minutes and link to the minutes.   (Not doing this anymore)

  • Edit minutes & send out the link and action items (if needed) by Monday afternoons to Directors to prepare for OLC Meeting.  (Not doing this anymore)

6. Track employees birthdays

Send an email out to our team to let them know it is that person’s birthday.

7. Manage Alan’s reading list (as requested)
  • Manage Alan’s reading list (as requested)  (Not doing this anymore)

    • 3 new articles per week

    • 1 rotation article per month

    • 1 book per month

    • Post completed articles/books to RefWorks

8. Schedule weekly walk-about (ideal: two half-hour blocks per week) (Not doing this anymore)

9. Schedule meetings for Alan, Joel, and Rob as needed

10. Schedule rooms on campus for dept. employees as needed through Virtual EMS

11. Design and Distribute the Online Learning news feed (as directed by Alan)

  1. Each employee fills out their own Travel (in Workday called “Spend Authorization”).

  2. Assist as needed with coordinating with Travel office for flights, hotels, car rentals and Kay Hilton to rent university car.  

Conference: (Stacie this year)

Responsibilities for the conference include:

  1. Work with the Instruction team in planning the Conference

  2. Coordinate travel arrangements

  3. Coordinate with scheduling office (LaNae Poulter) for registration.

  4. Work with Caleb Trujillo on messaging instructors need. Last year they messaged through the Community.

  5. Schedule all the rooms needed for the conference - As soon as the conference is over for the year, I schedule rooms for the following year.

  6. Order and plan meals for the conference.

  7. Help with room set up and making sure events run smoothly.

  8. Respond to phone calls from conference attendees.

  9. Work with Lloyd Bigelow (Event coordinator) on conference needs and setup.

  10. Work with Nikki Virgin in Travel for hotels, flights, and any other travel needs.

  11. Work with Kay Hilton on renting university vans and getting the drivers trained.


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