New Quizzes FAQ

This article is under construction. If you have questions that aren't listed here, please contact the Faculty Technology Center for some training on how New Quizzes could work for you.

What is New Quizzes?

New Quizzes is the new quizzing tool in Canvas.  It's currently an opt-in feature, but it will eventually replace the current tool completely.  It has additional functionality, including more question types and flexibility with points. Since it's still in development, it doesn't have all the features of the current quizzing tool, but additional features will be implemented in the future.

What question types are available in New Quizzes?

New Quizzes has all the same question types as the current quizzing tool as well as new question types including "Hot Spot," "Ordering," and "Stimulus."  The question types "Fill in Multiple Blanks" and "Multiple Dropdown" have been combined with the "Fill in the Blank" question type, and those question types have been made easier to use.

How do I change the point value for a New Quizzes assignment?

Unlike the current quizzing tool, a New Quizzes assignment point value doesn't have to equal the sum of all the question point values.  Follow the steps below to change the point values in a New Quizzes assignment.

Go to Assignments

Click Assignments in the course navigation bar.

Edit Assignment

Click the menu button on the assignment and select "Edit."

  1. Change the points to the desired value.
  2. After you're finished editing the assignment, click "Save."

Can I have a multiple choice question with different point values assigned to different choices?

Yes, different choices can have different point values.  To do this, open the options for the question and check "Vary points by answer," then enter the desired point values for each choice.

How do question banks work in New Quizzes?

Question banks (called "item banks" in New Quizzes) have some important characteristics:

  • Item banks are linked to your account, NOT to a specific course.  This can be convenient if you use the same questions in multiple courses, but unfortunately it means that if another instructor copies your course for their use the item banks will not copy.  However, you can share item banks with other instructors so they can access it in their courses.
  • If a quiz contains a question from an item bank, the only way to edit the question is from the item bank.  Once a banked question is edited, it will change in any quiz that contains the question.
  • Item banks can also contain stimuli.  However, any questions that were attached to the stimulus in the quiz will not automatically be banked.
  • Unlike with the current quizzing tool, quiz questions can be copied from a quiz into an item bank.

Other than that, the item banks function very similarly to the old quizzing tool.  Questions can be imported directly into a quiz, and you can pull random questions from the bank into the quiz.

Can I grade New Quizzes assignments the same way I grade quizzes in the current tool?

New Quizzes assignments are a little tricky to grade.  First of all, the assignment will not have an icon in the gradebook specifying that it needs to be graded:  it will just come through as a score.  Also, you can only access the assignment through the submission information, not from the dashboard or the assignment settings page.

If New Quizzes has better features than the current tool, why shoudn't I activate it in my course?

Since New Quizzes is still in development and is currently an external tool, many features or options in the current quizzing tool are missing:

  • While you can set individual questions to have their answers shuffled, you cannot do it for the all questions at once.
  • If you have quizzes in the current quizzing tool, they don't always migrate to New Quizzes perfectly.  Question banks don't transfer at all.
  • It's more difficult to use the SpeedGrader with New Quizzes.  In order to view and grade quiz questions, you have to open the SpeedGrader from the submissions in the gradebook.
  • The rich content editor is much less powerful than in the current quizzing tool.  This limits media that can be in a question, such as audio and video recordings and content contained in the Canvas file structure.

For more information on New Quizzes, please contact the Faculty Technology Center or view the Canvas guides.